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Essex Loft Conversions

Tailor-made for the people staying in the south-east county of England, Essex, here comes a one-stop solution for all their loft conversion needs. Essex Loft Conversions comprises a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who are always at the disposal of the customer. They give the right advice on choosing the right type of loft extension in essex, depending on the customer’s needs and choices. Our team specializes in providing services for all types of extensions, be it budget friendly ones, or more complex loft extensions.

If you are currently living in Essex, you might be aware that almost all the houses in England have a loft (or an attic on the top of the house). In traditional building designs, the loft was left as unused space and remains the same even today. The empty and unused loft may prove to be a liability in the already cramped up space in the house. Hence, some families, who want to add space to their homes, get loft conversions done. Moreover, moving house in search of a larger living space may prove to be very expensive for some people.

Loft Conversion Essex
Essex Loft Converters
Essex Loft Converters
Loft Conversion Essex
Loft Conversion Essex

About Our Loft Conversion Services

We, at believe in providing a comprehensive service to our customers. Our highly qualified and skilled loft conversion specialists engage on a personal level with you. It is this round the clock interaction which helps us gauge your tastes, specifications, requirements, and expectations. The team then offers you a package which will be suitable and acceptable to you. Design is shown to you on how your newly designed loft will look like and only after you give the final go-ahead, the team gets down to work, be it adding a Dormer or Velux window or creating a comfortable living space with a bedroom and attached bathrooms.

Our team addresses every loft conversion request on this five-point strategy.

Surveying: The first and foremost step is to survey the area. This visit helps our engineers to take note of the available space of work, the kind of fittings possible, and the nature of the design. Depending on the size of the area, and the type of loft conversion required, the estimated time is calculated. Average time for a loft-conversion is usually 4-8 weeks.

Discussing: After you have booked an appointment with our engineers, and they have completed the site inspection, they will have a personal conversation with you asking you about your interests, how you want the space to be designed, what all modifications would you like to see, color scheme, flooring, etc.

Designing: After our engineers have noted down your interests and the type of space you want, they will put their designing skills to work, to provide you with a design that is tailor-made according to your needs. So whether it is a dormer loft conversion, hip to a gable loft conversion, or an L-shaped dormer loft conversion, you can rest assured that our highly skilled engineers will provide you with the best-suited solution.

Obtaining the required Permissions: After you approve the required design, our team will contact the local authorities in Essex, to obtain the necessary permissions and building norms. This is done so that the process is completed fast and there are no hassles during.

Construction: After obtaining the final go-ahead from the local authorities, the on-site team, supervised by the installation experts, visits your home to construct the loft conversion. They strictly follow the instructions given by the supervisors and put to reality, the okayed design. After the construction is finished, professional, plumbers, electricians and plasterers are sent to complete the touch-up.

Apart from the full loft conversion, we also have a facility of a part loft conversion on offer. This is a facility tailor-made for people who have an eye for architecture, and want to finish up the loft themselves. For such clients, we do all the structural work of designing the loft, and leave the final fixtures to be done by the client himself, or through a third party.

There you have it, our process, broken down to the basic level. After finishing the construction, our inspection team tours your house for one last check-up to ensure everything is in place. Don’t worry; we don’t leave any wooden chips lying around in the house and make sure to return the house just as the way we found it, along with a beautiful loft conversion in place. We provide a structural warranty of 10 years so if you find any problems with the work we have done, you can give us a ring, and we will be more than happy to oblige.

About Our Lofts

Strictly going by the dictionary definition, a loft is a top story or an attic in the building, which is directly under the roof. In traditional designs, when loft conversions were not in fashion, this area was mostly used as storage space, usually accessed through a ladder. However, there is a noticable difference between an Attic and a Loft, and the two should never be confused. An attic is usually a storage space which may or may not be accessible through the house’s staircase. A Loft, on the other hand, is not necessarily a storage space. Also, lofts are usually bigger than an attic as they are spread over the whole upper floor of the building.

Lofts are not only standard in residential buildings. Other commercial and industrial buildings can also be classified based on lofts present in them. Some of the classifications are:

      1. Hard Loft: This is a term used for residential buildings which have been converted from industrial complexes.
      2. Soft Loft: The buildings which have recently been constructed and have high ceilings and large windows are known as soft lofts.
      3. Live/Work Loft: These are the buildings which are being used for residential purposes, but are located in the commercial hubs. These are usually used by artists and entrepreneurs who work from home and have to pay less rent.
      4. Mold Loft: It is a vast open space in a shipyard where the hull of the ship is molded and fitted on the wooden frame.

Similarly, there are Rigging lofts, parachute lofts, sail lofts, and pigeon lofts.

Loft Conversion Essex
Loft Conversion Essex

Why Choose Essex Loft Converters?

The most important reason for choosing our Essex Loft Conversion company is the personal rapport our team establishes with the client, be it the surveyors, the on-site team, the supervisors, the inspection team, or the plumbers and electricians. Our highly-qualified team ensures that the needs of the client are always met to 100% satisfaction and that whenever he has any doubt, it is cleared right away. They are given proper and correct advice on the type of conversion they should opt for, be it the budgeted one, or a more complex one. This is why we have many happy customers who have taken our services for loft conversions in Essex.  

Apart from this, we provide some unmatched services for Essex loft conversions. It is the hard work of our well-qualified engineers and designers that our extensions, besides adding space to your homes, also modify the décor, and make it more lively and airy. The old, boring and poorly lit lofts are transformed into luxuriously designed, well planned and adequately lit living spaces. And all this is entirely client-centric, and according to their personal needs. Our designers make sure that all requested designs are followed to 100% authenticity.

Also, it is famously said that a job done with passion, is a job half done. Our team continually abides by this principle and carry out each work, from surveying to designing, to construction, to inspection, with full enthusiasm. This is seen in our results and customer feedback. We have a record of completing 100% projects on time.

Loft Conversion Essex
Loft Conversion Essex

Choose the Best Guys for Loft Conversions in Essex

Traditional lofts are boring and are just an empty and unusable space in your homes. This is the reason why many people today are opting for Essex Loft conversions. Some people want to modify the décor of the house and make it more appealing, airy and properly lit; others want to add additional living space to their homes, while there are others who wish to cater to the needs of the growing family. Our team comprises of well-qualified and highly skilled technicians, who are best at their jobs and carry it out with utmost precision and enthusiasm. All this while, the client doesn’t feel left out and is always in the loop, right from surveying, to designing, to construction and final inspection. abides by the principle of providing best-in-class loft conversions, which are tailor-made according to the client’s needs. For people opting for a Loft conversion in Essex, but are unsure of how to use the space, we provide a free of cost on-site survey and consultation. Once the job is done, and you have got the loft conversion done, there are endless possibilities for what you do with space. It can be converted into a master bedroom, fully furnished with an attached bathroom, with ample light or, it can be made a private study. Also, for people who want their ‘own’ space in the house, the converted loft can be used as a private den to carry out all your activities.

So, make the most out of the unused and space in your house, by getting loft conversion done from, and see for yourself, how your home lightens and brightens up. If you are interested, leave a query in the contact box, and our team will get in touch with you soon.